Have you been married, in a relationship or single for years and has it always been your dream to share the bed not only with your wife, but also with other men? Or conversely, has it always been your dream to share the bed not only with your husband, but also with other sexy women? Then you should definitely refer to Senior Bi dating. This site has been specially developed for all senior men and women, who are not only interested in persons of the opposite sex, but also of the same gender. Some couples also find it exciting to have a man or woman there during their intimate moments. Senior Bi dating consists of thousands of members and new members keep joining every day. These users are all just like you looking for exciting dates, sex, new contacts, friendship and more. Does the site seem interesting to you and do you also want to score an exciting Senior Bi date? Then sign up for free on Senior Bi Dating today and start looking for exciting dates right away.

I also want to become a member of the Senior Bi dating community 

All senior men and women who also want to score a Senior Bi date can register on the site for free, quickly and easily. If you have visited the homepage of the site, you will notice that there is an online application form which can be found under the heading "Say Good Bi to Your Dull Sex Life". In this form you fill in whether you are male, female, couple or transgender and whether you are looking for other bi-minded men, women, couples and transgender people. In addition, you also enter your date of birth, working e-mail address and password of your choice. After this you can confirm your registration, log in, edit your profile and get started right away with finding exciting bi-dates. Who knows, you might also meet your regular bi partner on the site in no time.

Are there any costs associated with the Senior Bi- dating membership?

In principle, there are no costs associated with the Senior-Bi- dating membership. After signing up you will automatically receive the free Senior-Bi dating membership. With this free membership you can further update your profile, upload photos, search user profiles and, to a limited extent, contact users that you are interested in. However, as a free member you do not have access to all functionalities of the site. For this you need the VIP membership. As a VIP member you have unrestricted access to photos and videos, you can send, receive and read unlimited messages. VIP members appear 1st in search results and free members can read your messages.

The costs for the Senior Bi- VIP membership are as follows:

  • 1 month, USD 35.96 per month.
  • 3 months, USD 28.48 per month.
  • 12 months, USD 17.24 per month.

The 3-month subscription is one of the most popular subscriptions. However, the 12-month subscription is the cheapest of all.

Senior Bi Reviews

    Menopausal wife with girlfrien

    When we met we were a straight couple. Alot came out my wife was a plus size beautiful woman. Interracial and lesbian girlfriend's and boyfriends came through. I was a amorous male myself it was in passing. Now that my wife is 50 our sex life has stalled and stopped with pre-menopausal. Our sex life has seized. I believe she has girlfriend's now. I understand. Myself is left behind and myself being bi looks for passion.

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